Friday, January 12, 2018

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Download the fix:

The long awaited support for Unity 5.5 (and higher) in my Unity template has finally arrived!

We're all used to game and engine updates breaking these fixes from time to time and when it happens it ranges from a minor inconvenience requiring just a few minutes or hours to address, to a massive time waste of having to redo an entire fix from scratch, to a major headache where the new version has fundamentally changed in some way requiring a huge amount of new work put in to solve some new problem that didn't exist before. The Unity 5.5 update was of the later variety due to some major changes in the engine's shader format, but I have at last managed to decipher the new format and we can now enjoy modern Unity games in stereo 3D once again, beginning with the prequel to one of my favourite games of all time :)


This fix introduces a brand new feature to automatically adjust the convergence while playing to suit the wide range of camera angles this game has. This feature tries to always maintain a small amount of pop-out to maximise the 3D effect, while preventing excessive popout that could make the scene uncomfortable to view and lowering the convergence when necessary to prevent objects near the camera from obscuring the view of the game.

The auto-convergence feature replaces the traditional meaning of 3D Vision's convergence setting with a "popout" setting, which is similar to convergence, but gives better results with a wider range of camera angles, monitor sizes and viewing distances. The same keys that normally adjust the convergence will adjust the popout instead when auto-convergence is enabled, and the popout value will be displayed on screen while adjusting it.

Occasionally the auto-convergence may start jumping back and forth between high and low convergence. It has countermeasures to automatically detect when this happens and temporarily lock it to the lower convergence to stop it, but if it happens anyway and you find it distracting you can toggle the auto-convergence feature off by pressing ~

This feature has a number of tunable parameters, which can be tweaked by editing the [Constants] section in the d3dx.ini. These tunables include things such as the initial popout, minimum and maximum allowable convergence values, thresholds for how far the convergence is allowed to get away from the target, and threshold for the anti-judder countermeasure.

  • ~: Toggle auto-convergence feature on and off
  • Ctrl+F5: Reduce popout when auto-convergence is on
  • Ctrl+F6: Increase popout when auto-convergence is on


  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to the game directory.

  2. Right click on the game in Steam and go to "Properties" -> "Set Launch Options" and enter "-window-mode exclusive" (without the quotes) and click "Ok"

  3. I suggest disabling subtitles, as these are a little distracting.


If 3D disengages after leaving the game idle for a while, press alt+enter twice to re-enable it.

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This mod is created with 3DMigoto (primarily written by myself, Bo3b and Chiri), and uses Flugan's Assembler. See here for a full list of contributors to 3DMigoto


  1. I bought the game on release of the first episode, but without S3D Arcadia Bay was not the same. Thanks to you I can return to Oregon now. Many thanks!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work DarkStarSword
    Love the life is strange serie`s :)

    Also take care , i know how it is
    Kind regards,

  3. It's a good news. I'll start to fix games with link on your Paypal

  4. Thank you. I was actually only waiting for your fix before I buy the game. :)

  5. Thanks! Ive been waiting for this. The one thing i really like about tridef was the auto focus (which im assuming is sort of the same idea) and lo and behold a member of the community has only gone and implemented this in 3d vision! I have used so many of your fixes (and await them often) so will become a monthly donator.

  6. unbelievable DSS!!
    the auto convergence feature is absolutely amazing..

  7. As always! Outstanding WORK!!!!!!!!
    Your mind never ceases to amaze us all!!!

  8. v1.1 is a small update for SLI users to make the auto-convergence feature consider objects in the left eye. No changes for single GPU.

  9. Is there some compatibility bits for SLI? I can't seem to get both cards working, with or without the 3d fix. Cheers

    1. I haven't done any testing on different SLI flags - performance wasn't really an issue in this game anyway. You could take a look at the driver profiles that include DX11 SLI flags and see if any of them are Unity games to try, but looking at the list I don't recognise any as being Unity:

    2. ah ok, thanks. Forcing AFR2 in Nvidia Inspector seems to have got the second gpu working. Haven't played enough to comment on how good scaling is, but at least its doing something now.

    3. ah thanks. Simply forcing AFR2 got the second card doing something. However, scaling was odd. It seemed as if it scaled alright, as long as it wasn't outputting 4k. Rendered at 1440p and upscaled to 4k and scaling was terrible, rendered at 1440p without any upscaling and sli scaling was fine (much higher fps). That was until I used the following sli bit : 0x020180F5, at which point sli scaling was fine at 4k too, upscaled or rendered. I've barely played, but no issues so far, using that bit. Might be of use to someone, if using a 4k screen (or passive 4k tv like myself).

    4. Cool, thanks for posting your results and the SLI settings you used :)